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Just like a desert needs an oasis, a place to replenish essential supplies, at Waha Lifestyle we seek to provide an oasis of sorts for all your wellbeing needs, whether they are physical, mental or emotional.


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    Prioritizing peace and calm, Hawa's unique range aims to create an environment that fosters serenity and supports your overall sense of well-being.

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    Also Home

    Rustic homeware collection inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian living. Featuring cushions, throws, cups, and mugs, each enhancing your space with unique character and style.

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    Spritz Wellness

    Holistic products form Spritz Wellness uses the goodness of aromatherapy to stimulate the senses, calm the mind and energise the soul.

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    Corpus Naturals

    Corpus naturals offers skincare products that contain vegan and plant based ingredients. Their products are paraben and synthetic fragrance free.

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    Fashionable fitness gear created for versatile, stylish workouts, adding comfortable resistance to activities from yoga to running.

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    Matchstick Monkey

    Innovative, monkey-shaped teething solutions and toys, designed with care, offer relief for teething babies while encouraging sensory exploration.

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Have been using this product for the past 6 years, glad it's available on this website because it's hard to find

Abeer AlKhateeb

اتمنى لكم التوفيق والمزيد من المنتجات الصديقة للبيئه

Alia Alsabah

Ive been trying to find a mineral sunscreen that doesnt leave a white cast ever since I got pregnant and I almost gave up until i found summer fridays!!


The foundation from Ilia gives is very easy to apply (even if it would be better with a pump applicator) For a very oily skin, I won’t recommend but if you have a mix / normal and even dry skin, it is perfect. No need to use a lot and is very comfortable.  


كان عندي بداية احتقان بالبلاعيم وجربت كوب شاي واحد من هذا المنتج واختفى الاحتقان! عجيب!


Everything is perfect. Nice gift packaging the handwriting on the card is so neat and cute . The service was amazing , the one working was so kind , sweet and helpful. Thank you very much again 🤍

Alaa Aldebasi