Vitis Junior Toothbrush + Gel 15ml

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2.950 KD
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VITIS junior toothbrush has a small size head that can reach all areas of a childs mouth. Its filaments are soft, made of Tynex and have rounded and textured ends that effectively remove bacterial plaque (dental biofilm) without harming tooth enam-el or gums. Its monotip attack zone removes even the most resistant bacterial plaque.The ergonomic handle of the VITIS® junior toothbrush, with non-slip grooves, fits perfectly into the hand of children at this age. Plus, there is a hole in the end of the handle meant for tying a string or ribbon to be used for a better hold or for marking the brush with the childs name.
1 toothbrush + gel tube of 15ml

How to use

Apply to a sensitive textured toothbrush - we recommend the VITIS Gingival Toothbrush. Clean teeth at least three times per day or after each meal.



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