Tena Slip Bariatric Super Incontinence Adult Diapers

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17.700 KD
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TENA ProSkin Slip Bariatric Super is an extra-large open all-in-one incontinence pad with attachment tabs that can be adjusted multiple times for perfect fit, comfort and leakage protection.TENA ProSkin Slip Bariatric Super is made of a soft, textile-like material and has a close-to-body fit and high leakage resistance and is ideal for those who are less mobile or when changing is done lying in bed. The fast-absorbing core encapsulates urine, even large amounts, for dryness and the breathable material helps the skin breathe.  The open design with elastic side panels and fastening tabs that can be adjusted several times means that changes can take place both standing and lying down. The protection can also be adjusted several times to guarantee a perfect and secure fit.
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XXL  - 32 pcs
XL - 28pcs



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