Sustee Plant Aqua Meter Small Pen

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2.750 KD
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SUSTEE moisture reader sensor - the perfect addition to keep your houseplants healthy and thriving! Made in Japan, SUSTEE is designed to extend the life of your plants by measuring moisture levels in soil. Its slim and minimalist design blends well with any décor, while the white and blue color system indicates when your plant needs watering. This sensor is compatible with almost any plant that grows in soil and comes with a replaceable core insert that determines watering needs. Plus, it's refillable and easy to use. Keep your plants healthy and vibrant with SUSTEE moisture reader sensor.


12cm.Suitable for pot sizes Diameter 6-9 cm

How to use

SUSTEE is a cutting-edge soil moisture sensor from Japan. The blue color indicates that there is sufficient water in the soil, while the white color indicates that the plant requires watering. SUSTEE has a simple design that does not detract from the beauty of your plants.



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