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Sinomarin Nose Care E.N.T Spray - 200ml

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Sinomarin E.N.T. is a nasal spray designed for thorough nasal cleansing and relief from persistent congestion and thick mucus secretions. Its strong spray jet provides plenty of solution, while its hypertonic sea water solution effectively decongests and breaks down viscous mucus. Ideal for those recovering from endonasal surgery or suffering from nasal and sinus conditions, Sinomarin E.N.T. provides natural relief and promotes faster recovery.

How to use

Blow your nose before using Sinomarin E.N.T. Break the tamper-proof seal on the bottle, remove the protective cap and firmly place the nozzle on top of the bottle Bend your neck gently forward over a wash basin and tilt your head to one side Gently insert the nozzle into the opposite nostril, in parallel with the nasal septum, and press firmly .Turn your head to the opposite side and repeat the application in the other nostril .Remove the nozzle, return to the upright position while allowing solution to work for a few seconds or more, and then blow your nose .Repeat the procedure if necessary .Remove the nozzle from bottle, wash well with warm water and wipe dry after each use before placing on the bottle.



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