Sarah Chapman Compact Pro Hydro-Mist Facial Steamer

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Sarah Chapman Compact Pro Hydro Mist Steamer is an advanced facial steamer that emits ionic, nano-sized steam particles that deeply penetrate the pores, effectively cleansing, de-clogging and supercharging the efficacy of your skincare to follow. Skin instantly feels silky, supple, and full of elasticity following your steam treatment with this device.
  • Skin moisture levels are rapidly supplemented to leave skin firm with fine lines and wrinkles minimized.
  • Nano-sized steam particles are rich in negative ions that penetrate skin more effectively than regular steam, warming and opening up the pores to thoroughly remove make-up, excess oil and other daily dirt and impurities, while simultaneously enhancing the efficacy of products you apply afterwards.
  • Compact and portable, this innovative facial steamer is powered by ultra-advanced ionic technology for professional results at home, boosting your at-home facial with proven benefits for the skin.

  • Size
    ýCompact Portable Length: 26cm; Height: 21cm; Width: 14cm


    Sarah Chapman Compact Pro Portable Hydro-Mist Steamer Device with cable plug Cleansing options ranging from 5-10 minutes

    How to use

  • Step 1: Cleanse face thoroughly before or during your steam.
  • Step 2: Ensure the steamer is positioned on a flat and stable surface.
  • Step 3: Fill the water reservoir at the back with distilled or filtered water only and press the power button on the front to switch on.
  • Step 4: Position face in front of the nozzle at a distance of approx. 20cm. The steam will begin to emit in seconds.
  • Step 5: Relax for the five-minute treatment time, after which the steamer will automatically switch off. For a deeper steam, press the power button again for an additional five-minute boost.
  • Step 6: Follow with your regular moisturiser or serum to prolong the hydrating benefits of the steam or cleanse skin again to decongest.
  • Suggested use for a maximum of 2-3 times per week, for 10 minutes per session.
  • Please note, the steamer must be placed on a flat surface during use and filled only with filtered water. This product is not suitable to use when wearing false eyelashes.
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