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Omron Nami Cat Compressor Nebulizer

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A child friendly nebuliser that's been designed for making it easier to get your child using their nebuliser. When your child has a nasty cough or difficulty breathing, the Nami Cat is a friendly face that can get them breathing easier. Its child friendly design helps you as a parent to get your child using their nebuliser while its powerful compressor ensures they get the effective treatment they need. It Contains :Compressor, Nebulizer Kit, Air Tube (PVC 100 cm), Mouthpiece, Adapter, Adult Mask (PVC), Child Mask (PVC), Instruction Manual.

How to use

Place the mouthpiece or mask over your mouth or nose, depending on the prescribed medication. Turn on the nebulizer and breathe in slowly and deeply through your mouth or nose until the medication is finished.



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