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The Soap Box Lavender Essential Oil - 15ml

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Lavender essential oil, which is made from the steam-distilled blossoms of the Lavandula Augustifolia plant, has calming and sedative properties as well as antiviral, antibacterial, and antiviral properties and is also antidepressant. Use a cotton ball with a few drops of essential oil to scent and re-fresh your clothes, closets, linen cabinets, vehicle, and workplace. Apply one drop to your pillow for a restful night's slumber and one drop to your temples for headache relief.


100% Pure essential oil of Lavandula Augustifolia.

How to use

Add just a few drops to a cotton ball to scent wardrobes, closets, linen cupboards, car or office space. To scent a room add 10 drops to 30 mls of water in an essential burner and light a candle underneath which warms the water and diffuses the oil into the room. For headaches apply just one drop to the temples then massage the area for a few minutes. One drop of this beautiful oil on your pillow will ensure a good night's sleep too.



Why we love it

  • Local
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty
  • Calming
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