Ela Life Xiujan Jade Gua Sha & Roller Set

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The Gua Sha and Roller set is crafted from 100% natural Xiuyan Jade, which has a cooling and calming effect on the skin and supports the natural detoxification of the lymphatic system. This stone is also believed to have properties that aid in regeneration and harmonization of hormones.
Roller: 14.4cm long x 5.5cm wide Gua Sha: 8cm long x 5cm wide

How to use

Before using the Gua Sha apply facial oil or cream to keep your skin hydrated. Using gentle strokes, glide the Gua Sha up the side of your neck from your collarbone to just underneath your ear to encourage lymphatic drainage. Massage from the center of your face by your nose outward towards your cheeks, taking care around the eyes. Then, proceed to massage down your chin and gently sweep outwards to your ear and upwards on the forehead.

Before using the roller, apply facial oil or cream to keep your skin hydrated. With light pressure, glide the facial roller against the skin, working from your neck and chin towards your cheeks, using upward and outward movements. Repeat each stroke six times to help increase blood flow. Use the smaller roller to massage your eyes. Place the facial roller in the fridge before use for a cooling sensation and to help reduce puffiness.



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      S. A.
      Ela Life gua sha roller set

      Item comes as described in a nice canvas bag for safekeeping. The roller works well and stays cool for a long time. It helped me find areas of tension around my face I did not anticipate, like between my cheekbones and jaw and at my temples. The tension release feels really nice, kind of like foam rolling a sore muscle. Having the option of two roller head sizes was really useful. It also helped with product absorption as I spend more time working my products into my skin. I haven't noticed any changes to my skin texture or elasticity, but I have only used it a few times. I haven't tried the gua sha tool yet, but the roller was easy to use as a first-timer.

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