Dr. Ciccarelli Timodore Corn Remover Ointment - 5ml

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Timodore Callifugo Corn and Callus Removal Ointment is a historic Ciccarelli remedy for all kinds of corns and calluses. In just a few days, it eliminates even the most difficult corns and calluses, without causing any pain whatsoever. The pharmaceutical formula, an ointment with Lanolin and Salicylic Acid, is particularly suitable for applying to the most difficult areas of the foot. Also suitable for hands.

5 ml


Lanolin, Salicylic Acid

How to use

Directions for use: Use one vial per 3 days. Break off the vial at the white ring, place the soft tip on the vial with the lid. Remove the lid, press on the tip of the soft nipple and apply one dose of serum to the scalp, paying particular attention to the areas with sparse.



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