Casall Long Finger Workout Gloves With ViralOff

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14.000 KD
14.000 KD
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The Casall Long Finger Workout Gloves with ViralOff will let you manage your workouts. These training gloves are made to completely enclose your hands while activities at the gym or outside, providing the most comfort and grip possible. The palm has a sticky reinforcement to improve your grip, while the backhand is composed of a thin, flexible synthetic fabric. These gloves feature ViralOff, a cutting-edge technology that prevents viruses and bacteria from growing and spreading on the fabric's surface, keeping your hands clean and safe while exercising.
Measure palm circumference - XS - 18-19 cm, S - 19-20 cm, M - 21-22 cm, L - 22-23 cm


Nylon, Elastane

How to use

Hand wash in a maximum of 40°C water and air dry



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