Casall Anti-Burst Gym Ball

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12.500 KD
12.500 KD
Size: 70-75 cm
Subtotal: 12.500 KD
The Casall Anti-Burst Gym Ball can strengthen your core and enhance your posture. During your workouts, you can use this premium ball to support your back and key muscle areas. It must be inflated entirely before use and supplied with a pump and plug. The anti-burst technology in this gym ball ensures your safety while working out. Use it for various workouts, such as Pilates, yoga, and core training. With this Casall Anti-Burst Gym Ball, stay in shape and be healthy!
Diameter 70-75cm Maximum user weight: 150 kg


PVC, with a non-phthalate plasticizer.

How to use

Wash in cold water and let dry by air. Always check before use and if you see any cracks or damage on the product do not use it. Avoid storing the ball on painted or varnished surfaces. Note! This is a training device. Keep away from children



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