Braun ThermoScan ® 6 Ear Thermometer

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The Braun ThermoScan 6 Ear Thermometer measures temperatures quickly, gently, and accurately. It is the doctor community's top-recommended brand. The wide-angle probe, innovative pre-warmed tip, and easy-to-read colour-coded display contribute to professional precision and ease of use. This thermometer can be used on babies and is compatible with Braun Hygiene caps for extra cross-contamination defence.
Contains: Braun ThermoScan 6 Ear thermometer 21x Braun Hygiene caps - disposable probe covers Protective cap Owner's manual Quick Start Guide 2x AA batteries

How to use

Gently insert the thermometer's tip into the ear canal and ensure it is snugly fitted. Press and hold the temperature button until the thermometer beeps, indicating that the measurement is complete. Remove the thermometer from the ear and read the temperature displayed on the screen. Discard the used lens filter and repeat the process if necessary.



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