It’s All About The Honey – What is & Why Manuka?

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Ever wondered what is Manuka and why is it so popular, costly, and involved with some unpopular terminology and details such as UMF and MGO? Read on to find out all about Manuka Honey.

What is Manuka Honey and what is special about it?

Mānuka is an indigenous word of the New Zealanders referring to a native tea tree, the eptospermum scoparium bush.

Bees pollinating the flowers of these Manuka bushes, hence produce a special type of honey, the Manuka Honey.

Original natural Manuka honey is found and sourced only from where this bush grows naturally in New Zealand, and some regions of Australia.

Due to the qualities of pure manuka honey, it rarely requires processing such as filtering and heating before packing for human consumption, hence making it the most reliable source of pure honey.

When certified pure Manuka honey is RAW, it is unheated and unfiltered, entirely natural, retaining all the enzymes, nutrients, and medicinal compounds beneficial for our health.

When it comes to benefits that set Manuka apart from other traditional types of honey, it is most known for its potent antibacterial properties due to its containing methylglyoxal, as well as antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

* Wound healing
* Soothing cough and sore throat
* Elevating oral health and preventing tooth decay
* Improving digestive health and preventing gastric ulcers
* Aiding in cystic fibrosis symptom relief
* Improving skin health and treating acne

What is mono-multi-floral concept?

Mono-floral honey is produced when bees source their nectar from only one type of flower blossom, in the case of Manuka honey, from only the eptospermum scoparium or Mānuka bush. In many cases where forests or colony areas hold different kinds of shrubs and flowers, bees may mix their source of nectar, making the produce multi-floral.

Since nectar selection is a natural process, almost impossible to control in the wild, with no interference in organic honey harvesting, the presence of mono-floral Manuka honey is rarer, making it more expensive.

What is UMF?

UMF™ stands for Unique Manuka Factor, the only standardized industry-wide indicator of genuine Manuka honey, granting a stamp of authority that authenticates the potency, purity, freshness origin of a Manuka honey product.

The UMF™ rating system independently tests natural markers found in mānuka honey to assure potency, authenticity, shelf life, & quality.

The higher the UMF rating, the more potent the Manuka honey is and the more antibacterial activity it contains.

What is MGO?

MGO is one main factor specifying the UMF measure of Manuka honey tested and graded.

It indicates the concentration of MethyGlycOxal, a naturally occurring compound found in raw honey that grants it its beneficial antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

You can know all about the ratio and rating numbers by using and exploring this UMG / MGO calculator from Forest Gold Honey

Why are there precautions on use and consumption, and why is it advised not to give Manuka Honey, and most types of honey in general, to toddlers under 12 months?

Just like any other natural source of nutrients, Manuka honey is known for its potency and content of different components that need to be consumed mindfully with care and personal needs in mind.

Consult a doctor before using it or avoid consumption mainly in the following cases:

Diabetics: since all types of honey are high in natural sugars, manuka honey may affect sugar blood levels.

Allergic to honey or bees: as may develop an allergic reaction upon ingestion or application of Manuka honey.

Infants: The first 12 months of a human’s life is when the first and main natural defense is formed.
Honey is avoided in this stage to allow the immunity system to naturally develop, and then can later be enhanced with potent boosters such as Manuka honey.
However, it’s important to note that a baby can enjoy all the benefits of Manuka filtered and digested through their mother’s milk. Consuming Manuka honey by mother lactating benefits both her and her child besides supporting milk production. In fact, certified or medical-grade manuka honey has been irradiated to destroy any botulism spores and is completely safe to use with nursing a newborn.

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