Back to School: A Checklist for Your School-Goers

Back to School: A Checklist for Your School-Goers

It's that exciting time of year again – back to school!

It marks a new chapter in your child's life, filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and fun.

Preparing for the new term can be both thrilling and overwhelming. But don't fret; we've got some practical tips to make this process smooth, focusing on your child's comfort, needs, and eco-friendly options.

Let's explore this back-to-school checklist and make preparation a joyful experience for you and your school-goers!

Choosing a Comfortable + Stylish Backpack

Selecting the right backpack is essential.

Look for one that's comfortable, with padded straps and enough compartments for all the school essentials. Ergonomic designs can reduce strain on your child's back and shoulders.

If you're environmentally conscious, you might consider backpacks made from sustainable materials. But most importantly, find something that fits your child's personality and needs.

Finding a Fun + Perfect Lunch Box and Accessories

A balanced lunch is vital for your child's energy and focus.

Consider using kids lunch boxes that are BPA-free and easy to clean. Look for compartments that can help portion control and keep foods separate. They're practical and can make mealtime fun.

Reusable cutlery like the Zoku Unicorn Pocket Utensil Set or the Monbento Pocket Cutlery Set can be a fun addition to lunchtime. They're convenient and easy to clean, adding a touch of excitement to your child's lunch.

Selecting a Right + Hydrating Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is essential.

The Hydro Flask Kids Water Bottle is a durable option that keeps drinks cold. Its wide mouth makes it easy to clean, and the insulation ensures that your child's drink stays refreshing throughout the day.

It's a smart choice for keeping your child hydrated during busy school days.

Additional Back-to-School Supplies + Hacks

1. Organizing Essentials:

Organization is key to a successful term. Check out the Back to School collection for items like pencil cases, notebooks, and organizers. Labelling compartments and using colour-coded folders can make finding items a breeze.

2. Personalizing Supplies:

Encourage your child to personalize their supplies with stickers, drawings, or other creative touches. It makes them more engaging and helps your child feel a sense of ownership over their learning tools.

3. Hygiene kit:

Include a small hand sanitizer and tissues in your child's backpack. Teaching them about hygiene and self-care is essential, especially in the current times.


Back-to-school preparation is all about ensuring your child has what they need to succeed and feel comfortable in the new term. From selecting the right backpack to finding the perfect lunch accessories, every choice matters.

While sustainability is a bonus, the focus here is on your child's care and the essentials they need for a successful term ahead. Feel free to explore these products and create your own back-to-school checklist. Here's to a joyful and successful term ahead!

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