Omron C28P Compressor Nebulizer

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The Omron C28P is a nebulizer with Advanced Valve Technology, providing you with the treatment your doctor intended. Advanced Valve Technology has been designed by Omron to maximize the flow of medication while inhaling and makes sure there's no wastage of medication as you breathe out. Suitable for use with a range of medications. The nebulizer can be used to treat chronic conditions like Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis or can be used with a saline solution to relieve and treat a cough and cold. A single unit that can be used by the whole family, this device is designed for frequent use by multiple members of the family and has been made easy to clean.

How to use

Place the mouthpiece or mask over your mouth or nose, depending on the prescribed medication. Turn on the nebulizer and breathe in slowly and deeply through your mouth or nose until the medication is finished.



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