Dr. Ciccarelli Timodore Corn Remover Liquid - 12ml

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Timodore Corn and Callus Removal Liquid with Brush is the ideal remedy for all kinds of corns and calluses. Containing Collodion and Salicylic Acid, in just a few days, it eliminates even the most difficult corns and calluses, without causing any pain whatsoever. Also suitable for hands.
12 ml


Collodion, Salicylic Acid.

How to use

Use Timodore Oxysalts for a warm footbath. Brush the calloused area and wait for the liquid to dry completely. Repeat morning and evening for a few days if possible. Protect the area until the corn or callus has disappeared with the special Timodore Corn Pad Plaster to prevent shoe rubbing. To facilitate the elimination of calluses, repeat the footbath. The treatment can be repeated as needed.



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