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Deskstand MOFT Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand Riser

SKU: W221704
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8.500 KD
8.500 KD
Color: Ash
Material: Fiber Glass
Subtotal: 8.500 KD
A portable and invisible laptop stand, designed to be your ultimate work companion. With its built-in magnets, it allows you to effortlessly lift and adjust your laptop to two different elevation angles for comfortable use. The high-lifting mode offers a 3-inch screen elevation, promoting proper sitting posture, while the low-lifting mode offers a 2-inch rise, ideal for standing desks. Its lightweight and portable design make it easy to carry around, and its minimalist look blends seamlessly with your workspace. Say goodbye to neck and back strain and hello to comfortable and ergonomic work with the laptop stand.
Weight: 3 oz/89 g / Dimensions: 170*224*3 mm


PU, Fiberglass, Removable Glue, Magnets


South Africa

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